【Q&A】12C OCP 1z0-060 QUESTION 8: Performing Complete Recovery of a Tablespace in the CDB

QUESTION 8 Your multitenant container (CDB) containing three pluggable databases (PDBs) is running in ARCHIVELOG mode. You find that the SYSAUX tablespace is corrupted in the root container. The steps to recover the tablespace are as follows:    1. Mount the CDB.    2. Close all the PDBs.    3. Open the database.    4. Apply the archive redo logs.    5. Restore the data file.    6. Take the SYSAUX tablespace offline.    7. Place the SYSAUX tablespace online.    8. Open all the PDBs with RESETLOGS.    9. Open the database with RESETLOGS.    10. Execute the command SHUTDOWN ABORT. Which option identifies the correct sequence to recover the SYSAUX tablespace? A. 6,5,4,7 B. 10,1,2,5,8 C. 10,1,2,5,4,9,8 D. 10,1,5,8,10 【题目示意】 本题考察的是CDB中的SYSAUX表空间完全恢复。 【解析】 … [Read more...]