【Q&A】12C OCP 1z0-060 QUESTION 2: Redefining a table with Virtual Private Database (VPD) policies

QUESTION 2 Examine the following commands for redefining a table with Virtual Private Database (VPD) policies: [cce] BEGIN DBMS_RLS.ADD_POLICY( object_schema => 'hr', object_name => 'employees', policy_name => 'employees_policy', function_schema => 'hr', policy_function => 'auth_emp_dep_100', statement_types => 'select,insert,update,delete', ); END; BEGIN DBMS_REDEFINITION.START_REDEF_TABLE( uname => 'hr', orig_table => 'employees', int_table => 'employees_policy', col_mapping => NULL, options_flag => DBMS_REDEFINITION.CONS_USE_PK, orderby_cols => NULL, part_name => NULL, copy_vpd_opt => DBMS_REDEFINITION.CONS_VPD_AUTO); END; [/cce] Which two statements are true about redefining the table? A. All the triggers for the table are disabled without changing any of the column names or column types in the table. B. The primary key constraint on the EMPLOYEES table is disabled during redefinition. C. VPD policies are … [Read more...]