Oracle 内部函数名整理

_cms|color management system (little cms) _cms15Fixed16toDouble|Converts from 15.16 (signed) fixed point to cmsFloat64Number _cms8Fixed8toDouble|Converts from 8.8 fixed point to cmsFloat64Number _cmsCalloc|Allocate space for an array of num elements each of whose size in bytes is size _cmsDecodeDateTimeNumber|Decodes from ICC date and time format to the standard “C” struct tm _cmsDefaultICCintents|This function implements the standard ICC intents perceptual _cmsDoubleTo15Fixed16|Converts from cmsFloat64Number to 15.16 fixed point _cmsDoubleTo8Fixed8|Converts from cmsFloat64Number to 8.8 fixed point _cmsDupMem|duplicates the contents of org into a new block _cmsEncodeDateTimeNumber|Decodes from the standard “C” struct tm to ICC date and time format _cmsFree|Cause the space pointed to by Ptr to be deallocated; that is _cmsGetTransformUserData|Returns a pointer to the user data associated with current color … [Read more...]