Sybase ASE License的获取与生成

Getting your host ID The host ID is required when generating licenses at SPDC. You can use the lmutil utility to obtain your host ID. lmutil is included in your product distribution, or you can download it from SPDC. Run the following command on the machine for which the host ID is required: lmutil lmhostid Tools products may provide the host ID interactively. Alternatively, you can determine the host ID value using native operating system commands. See the SPDC FAQ titled "What's My Host ID" or Appendix A of the FLEXnet Licensing End User Guide for the exact commands for your platform. On some platforms, the host ID is derived from the network adapter address. If your machine has multiple network adapters,lmutil lmhostid returns one host ID for each network adapter. The output may look similar to: The FLEXlm host ID of this machine is ""0013023c8251 0015c507ea90"" Only use ONE from the list of hostids. Choose one of these host IDs. Sybase recommends that you … [Read more...]